Quick Hits: The Not Our Flight Edition

[That plane in the banner pic has nothing to do with the Detroit Red Wings]

In Red Wings Land

I don’t feel overlooked.  I’ll let everybody else tell their own tale for if they feel putting the Red Wings on national television six times in a 56-game season with three of those being Chicago counts as being “overlooked”, but I get what this person is saying.  I’ve seen Sharks fans wailing about how they got none. I’m kind of surprised that NBC isn’t trying to share in the fun that is Carolina a little more.

The fun consideration here is that with both the Wings and Hawks being bad but also a historic rivalry might actually be a smart decision here. I don’t think these teams will be good, but I think they’re going to be decently-matched and that can lead to hockey that is at least fun to watch (if nothing else than for the trainwreck effect).  Us hardcore fans can appreciate nuance and the skill of two dominant shutdown teams fighting over every tiny scrap of ice and iota of momentum, but hardcores and casuals alike can find ways to appreciate art that might not be refined, but at least it’s loud.

Around the NHL

All the guesses about what specifically is wrong with Toews are a natural inclination, but I suppose in the end it doesn’t really matter.  It takes a real piece of shit for me to hear this kind of news and NOT want the guy to get back to full health and Toews isn’t a real piece of shit.  I’m not going to cry for the fate of Chicago’s roster one bit though.