Quick Hits: The Not so Fast Edition

In Red Wings Land

Should Bruins Pursue Any Of These Red Wings Said To Be Available? - NESN

Truthfully, Ryan would be the type of guy the Bruins would acquire in hopes of making him fit in the middle six, but would have to be ready to just healthy scratch if it’s not working out. Similarly to Staal, he’d probably be a luxury more than anything.

The overarching point here is that there are some potential fits among the three, but none fall into the drop everything and do whatever you can to acquire them territory.

There’s nothing Earth-shattering in here. Glendening is indeed the poorest fit for the Bruins specifically and none of the guys we may be selling here are fetching too much in return.

Around the NHL

NHL down to a season-low 8 players on COVID list - CBC.ca

I’m not even going to quote from this article because I just clipped it so I could share that this went up at 3:20pm ET and then this happened.