QUICK HITS: The 'Not Worth Watching’ Edition

SHOCKER: NHL players think the Red Wings suck

Hey all.

I know that we’re at a pause right now, but I hope you’re all doing well. Most of us are hunkered down at home, but for those who are out on the frontlines, I’d like to thank you. This is a supremely fucked up time, but you’re all staring it down eye-to-eye like it’s another day. We don’t get by without you.

So, here’s my lame attempt at what’s happening in the hockey world, sort of.

No NHL players Think the Detroit Red Wings are interesting, worth watching

Given their no-good season, it’s little surprise that none of their colleagues in the NHL think the Detroit Red Wings are deserving of any recognition.

Except for their home. Little Caesars Arena did get a measure of love.

No crap. I found this to be a misleading headline, but St. James talks about the NHLPA’s 2019-2020 poll. The headline, albeit obvious, is a bit misleading from the actual story itself.

Also happening:

Pens’ Crosby most complete in NHL

Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby was named the NHL’s most complete player, while Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand earned both best and worst trash-talker honors in the 2019-20 NHL Players Association poll released Tuesday.

Again, I guess, no shit.


What’s it been.. Six?

Six games for Sam Gagner, and he is out here trying to help a struggling city during a crisis? Gotta hand it to the guy. He’s first in line to get the “C” next season, maybe. Whenever that actually happens.

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