Quick Hits: The Old and New and Powerful Edition

In Red Wings Land

Erasing the memory of Dmytro Timashov so soon? Rude.

So did he originally get the length wrong and somebody had to fix it?  Not important. What’s important is that I like the message.

What are your top five?

5. Undressing the Mooterus
4. Lidstrom on Cloutier
3. Yzerman ‘96 2OT
2. McCarty’s Fight Night at the Joe winner
1. Statue of Liberty

Around the League

NHL Power Rankings: Where things stand after NHL trade deadline - NBC Sports

27. Detroit Red Wings. If they were going to trade Anthony Mantha, they managed to get a great return for him.

I like to think the trade deadline has more to do with us being in front of four teams than beating Carolina twice.