Quick Hits: The Old Records Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings’ Niklas Kronwall will weigh these factors before deciding future - mlive.com

“I think everything is just going to figure itself out over the next few weeks or months,” Kronwall said. “I’ll take some time now, spend it with the family, be a dad full-time. That’s something I’m looking forward to right now.”

I’ve very much come around on the concept of Kronwall coming back and am fully ready to accept whatever he decides.

Around the League

Bolts tie NHL record with 62nd win - TSN.ca

Six of those victories came in the post-65th-minute skills competition, so everybody can make up their own mind about how big an asterisk the Lightning deserve for their share of the record. I don’t know how much I’m discounting the lack of ties in the cap era when I think the overall parity and skill level of the league is also quite different than it was back then. You make the call. This is a damn good Tampa team and I wasn’t sure we would see one this dominant after the 2004 lockout.