Quick Hits: The One Good One Very Bad Edition

In Red Wings Land

As of this writing, no updates on the Tyler Bertuzzi situation. The arbitration hearing happened on Sunday and the arbitrator has until the end of today to announce the decision, which will bind the Wings and Bertuzzi into the amount and term awarded. It’s anticipated to be a one-year deal between $3.15 and $4.25M (the sides’ asking points), but is not required to be within that range.


So Trevor Daley is retired and will head back to Pittsburgh where he won a cup to take on an advisory role that is very familiar to Wings fans who have seen many players do this.  I’m legit happy for Daley and wish him all the best in this role.

Around the NHL

Arizona Coyotes top draft pick was convicted for bullying Black, mentally disabled teen - Arizona Central

I’m not taking a snipping from this one because it wouldn’t be doing the story justice to highlight just the most-impactful pieces.

While we spend some time assessing the various statements from the parties involved and pondering the necessity of second chances/the virtue of forgiveness, I’d like to ask for at least a moment to ponder the absolute silence from all those who were denied even a first chance in the sport of hockey because it was made clear to them at a crucial time that the sport is not “for everyone.”