Quick Hits: The One Minute Tactic edition

The Big Story

New #1MinuteTactics: Scoring goals in the #NHL is hard, but 1 simple rule governs how often your favorite player is likely to score - By Jack Han

If you don’t follow Jack Han on Twitter, you are really missing out. First off, go follow him here.

Then, take a look at his feed, especially his series “One Minute Tactics.”

He does a fantastic job of breaking down important hockey tactics in an easy to follow way. His latest one is a breakdown of a principle that is easy in theory, but hard to do consistently at the NHL level.

When I played soccer growing up, I remember how major of a paradigm shift it was for me when I realized the most important movement I did was the movement off the ball.

When a player moves, he leaves space behind him, and if I could anticipate that open space and arrive at the correct time, I would be wide open. In this video the focus is on the person with the puck, but his teammates’ positioning is vital as well.

In Detroit Land

Krupa: Wings defense will take time to fix - Gregg Kruppa: The Detroit News

First off, we are not getting Lindholm. It’s not happening. I would love to be wrong, but in this case, I’m really confident I’m not.


When Datsyuk left, and after the Wings offense slumped last season, GM Ken Holland determined it best to sign forwards. Frans Nielsen, Thomas Vanek and Steve Ott arrived without any defensemen.

Yeah, plus there were no good UFA options without greatly overpaying.