Quick Hits: The Opt Out Edition

In Red Wings Land

Detroit is one of only fewer than 10 NHL teams not to lose after April this season.

If you want an article, and you haven’t read Sara’s guide to bandwagoning yet, here you go.

The Red Wings Fan Guide to Choosing Your Bandwagon - Winging It In Motown
The first thing to do, is to decide which teams you wouldn’t mind seeing succeed and which teams you look forward to seeing crushed into dense little puddles of sadness. Well gang, I am here to help you sort out which teams deserve your temporary loyalty before going back to hating them.
Around the NHL

Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask opts out ahead of Game 3
"I want to be with my teammates competing, but at this moment there are things more important than hockey in my life, and that's being with my family," Rask said. "I want to thank the Bruins and my teammates for their support and wish them success."

The Bruins say this isn’t a surprise and that they support him. It’s gotta be a tough decision because you know what a lot of the public reaction is going to be.