Quick Hits: The Paintball Jerseys Edition

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings’ Tyler Bertuzzi: ‘Nothing personal at all’ after arbitration - Freep

“It’s a little different than anything I’ve ever been through, but it went smoothly and we’re happy we got a deal done,” Bertuzzi said. “There was a lot of talking going on. At the end of the day, we’re happy with a one-year deal. I’m looking forward to the season.”

Just once I’d love to see a player who just came out of arbitration tell the local press “I really liked this place until that arbitration hearing but now I hate it and can’t wait to leave.”

Of course I’m not saying Bertuzzi is lying about things not being acrimonious, I just don’t expect a player to ever say anything different.

Around the NHL

Between this and the AHL targeting a start date for early February there are at least plans in place for North American hockey at various levels for the prospects and players, but there’s also plenty of doubt any of this stuff actually happens. Lots can change between now and then.

These are the hockey jersey equivalent of seeing a car with a garish paint job driving by and thinking “man I’m glad I got to see that but I’m even more glad I don’t own that thing.”