Quick Hits: The Payment Edition

In Red Wings Land

As the Red Wings’ blue line goes young, could adding a veteran ease the burden? - The Athletic (PAYWALL)

More interesting could be looking at true short-term options, from one to two years, who won’t transform the defense overnight but would still satisfy the primary need laid out above: a buffer of support for an emerging group of younger defensemen who likely aren’t ready to occupy half (or more) of the blue line.

The Athletic and the Detroit News are behind paywalls and they’re the only sites that are putting out Wings content right now. Bultman starts with Krug, goes to some alternates in the vein of guys who are going to be looking higher dollar/term, and also explores the guys who, like Nemeth, could be signed as stopgaps. He also covers some potential trade targets. I can’t lay out everybody, but what do you think of Chris Tanev?

Around the NHL

13 NHL teams will carry salary cap overages into next season - TSN

The Dallas Stars will carry over a league-high overage of at least $2.95 million, while the Boston Bruins will pay out $1.93 million in bonuses.

Yay we’re not on the list!