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Detroit Red Wings’ Nicklas Lidstrom is 50: A look at his amazing career
He became a member of the franchise at the 1989 draft, and ended up being a key member of four Stanley Cup championships and succeeding Steve Yzerman as the team’s captain. Even before he retired in 2012, Lidstrom was regarded as one of the best defenseman to ever play the game.

Here is a look at his life and career.

Happy birthday to a player who never missed the playoffs.

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Lindblom of Flyers near end of cancer treatments, return still unknown
"He's going to have his last round of treatments here coming up," Flyers assistant general manager Brent Flahr said Tuesday. "He'll be checked out and he'll be able to start training and building back up again. It's amazing; he's a warrior, this kid. Don't think he's lost much weight at all. He's trying to work out as soon as treatments are over. It's been tough on him but he's a young guy, he wants to play as soon as possible. I have no idea what that means or what's realistic, but the treatments, according to our medical staff, have gone as well or better than we could have expected.

Glad to hear he’s come out the other side of this.

NHL players begin to voice concern over restart - TSN.ca
“Some players could be away from their families for three to four months and I think that’s way too much,” Danault said on a call with reporters. “I’m not the only one thinking like that, I’m sure.

“I can’t make sense of it in my mind.”

Danault, who voiced his opinion with his toddler son playing in the background, is far from alone.

You don’t say?