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Quick Hits: The Pitshost Edition

In Red Wings Land

The Latest on WIIM’s Status

My intent is to continue running this site through the end of March. That might mean things are slightly different than they are now. I don’t know if we’re going to have the same level of coverage. I plan to continue to have Quick Hits posts, gamethreads, and something resembling recaps. Essentially, each day is going to be a series of open threads.

Looking Back: Recollections of a Shitposter – Polsguru

Important post

In some kind of site news, the plan for the archives and site transfer is forming and it looks like the next iteration of the site will be alive.  We’re still not sure when exactly it’ll be able to launch, but if we don’t have more answers by the end, the site’s Twitter account will be a good source for updated info.

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