Quick Hits: The Playoffs Not-Playoffs Edition

In Red Wings Land

This was yesterday, but the Freep put up a story about how Yzerman is playing 4D chess with the Blashill decision behind a paywall and I’m not paying for that kind of bucket-carrying. I’m still very much in favor of Yzerman, but pretending that this is some kind of master-stroke level work is silly. Of course, that’s all based on a headline I read on a story I’m not sharing and Freep’s headline writers are notorious for misrepresenting.

At any rate hahaha Gretzky, loser.

Around the League

Vanecek injury leaves Capitals unsure at goalie after Game 1 win - NHL

“In this time of year, it doesn’t matter what happened,” Washington captain Alex Ovechkin said. “Somebody gets hurt, somebody didn’t have a game right, we have to find a way. I think everybody understands that. It is time for us to step up.”

Interesting to see how the Caps go on here because they won game one but also get to treat this as their huge test so who knows how it will play out.