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Quick Hits: The Prepare to Get Uncomfortable Edition

In Red Wings Land

Ten Potential UFA Forwards Who Could Interest GM Steve Yzerman – DetHockeyNow

As a rebuilding team, the Red Wings aren’t going to be chasing after older stars like Patrice Bergeron, Evgeni Malkin and Claude Giroux. But the Red Wings need help at center, and they wouldn’t mind another scorer.

“So much uncertainty, and then we got free agency coming up on July (13),” Yzerman said. “I have this beautiful list of great players that would be a good fit for our organization. Can I get any of those players? I have no idea at this point.”

The Red Wings won’t do a deep dive into free agents. It is too soon. But Steve Yzerman knows his team needs to be more competitive than they were last season.

The Wings definitely need forward help and have cap space. I agree with Duff that they’re not going to go after or even be attractive to one of those “one more run” kind of players.

This is the part of free agency where we’re really going to have to trust Yzerman because this is a place where if you want to play, you have to be ready to make an uncomfortable commitment.  These guys aren’t coming for middling term and cap value. If you want them on the team you have to get comfortable with the idea of “one or two years too long” and a cap hit that we can all call “moveable” later on.

Around the League

I figure most of today’s comments will be rosterbation for free agents so I wanted to put something else nice in here.

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