Quick Hits: The Prepping for UFAs Edition

In Red Wings Land

Dan Cleary pleased with Day 1 of Red Wings 2022 Development Camp - NHL

“This is not an evaluation one bit,” Cleary said. “It’s educational. Go enjoy it, get to meet all these guys they haven’t seen, take whatever information we’re giving you and ask questions.”

As the players learn what it takes to succeed on the ice, the Red Wings’ player development staff will also focus on the value of organizational culture, diet and mental health.

“It’s all information to try to give them as much as you can,” Cleary said. “Even if they take a little bit here and a little bit there, that’s what this camp is for.”

I really like Dan Cleary in this role for the Red Wings as a guy who went through having a high draft pedigree and having to learn the hard way how seriously he should be taking things at that point in his career.

Around the League

The Hawks are doing the weirdest rebuild.  I guess they have to drive off all the easy-to-drive-off talent in order to get the boat-anchor contracts to buy into them also needing to leave, but not even qualifying kids is just... weird.