Quick Hits: The Realignment Edition

In Red Wing Land

Ted Kulfan’s Detroit Red Wings midseason grades | The Detroit News

Mr. Kulfan is definitely not a tough teacher when it comes to handing out grades. Granted, he only gave out two A’s this semester, but I probably would’ve been a bit harsher to most of the class. Way too many passing grades on this report card.

Around the League

How we’d realign the NHL divisions after expansion to Seattle | ESPN

In Emily Kaplan’s proposed scenario, the Red Wings would be heading back west to join the “Norris Division” alongside the Blackhawks, Blues, Wild, Jets, Stars, Avalanche and Coyotes. I’ll be honest, I really don’t hate this idea. I understand the whole concept of being in the East for easier travel, but from a pure fandom standpoint I like this division way more than what we have now. I grew up watching the Wings battle Colorado, Dallas, St. Louis and Chicago. I’m okay going back to that group.

Another change in the proposed realignment that is interesting is Nashville heading southeast. Also, Seattle joining the Pacific teams means Arizona gets bumped from that group. It makes sense if you think the Yotes are relocating to Houston (or elsewhere) in the future.