Quick Hits: The Red Bird Edition

In Red Wings Land

Before Al the Octopus, the Detroit Red Wings had the Red Winger

We’re on our way to the Wings having to bring on another mascot just to get fans back in the seats.

The Red Winger slipped and fell to the ice during his first appearance. In January 1985, someone stole the costume from its storage space in a dressing room off the east end of the Joe just before a game against the Winnipeg Jets (the Wings lost, 8-5).

Around the League

NHL season could resume with four-arena plan, Commissioner Bettman says - NHL.com

Bettman did a really good job floating an idea to get reaction before having to take it too seriously, but make no mistake, if the reaction and possibility is there, they’re going to jump all over this.

“The decision ultimately will be made by medical people and people who are in governments at all different levels, so we’re not going to try and do anything that flies in the face of what we’re being told is appropriate,” the Commissioner said.

“… But clearly, we can play into the summer. Clearly, we can play next season, which we intend to do in its entirety, starting later. And so, with a lot of timing options, we have a great deal of flexibility, and we’re not going to rush anything. We’re not going to do anything that’s crazy. We’re going to try and do something, under the circumstances at the time, that is sensible.”