Quick Hits: The Red vs. White Edition

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Impressions from the third day of the Red Wings’ 2022 training camp - TMR

I have the feeling that the Red vs. White Game tomorrow at 12 PM EDT (to be streamed on the Red Wings’ social media channels) will be a welcome change of pace, ahead of Monday’s more game-like practices…

But it’s hard to quantify how much information coach Lalonde and his staff have been throwing at the players, and reinforcing on a repeated basis. This team is going to be doing everything differently, and it’s going to take at the very least two more full weeks’ worth of practices and 8 exhibition games for everything to sink in…If not a good month or two before everything truly becomes reflexive and automatic.

Good writeup from George and a good reminder the Red vs. White game is coming.

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Miss u Manon.