Quick Hits: The Retro Reverse Reverse Retro Edition

In Red Wings Land

So you’ve no doubt seen a few teams’ “reverse retro” looks already but this is the first hint we’ve seen of the Wings and it looks like it’s going to be similar to the Centennial Classics.

I have to caveat any opinion with the idea that I’m not likely to buy a new Red Wings jersey of any kind within the next year. Not that I feel I’m completely done buying them, but I don’t wear them very often anymore and I’m kind of waiting to be inspired enough to want one.  With how rarely I am looking to purchase new Red Wings merchandise, I’m never going to be in the market for a gimmick jersey so my opinion on whether it is good or bad is meaningless.

But hell, if you’re still reading, what I would rather see out of this whole leaguewide ploy to increase jersey sales is for the Wings to go completely against the grain, say that their jerseys fucking rule, and release their reverse retro jersey as a regular Red Wings jersey with an ever-so-slightly tweaked logo size.  I might buy one of those out of principle.

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31. Detroit Red Wings. This was a very productive offseason in terms of finding good value in free agency. But the best value those signings have for them is as trade assets at the deadline. This rebuild is still in its very early stages. Next offseason is where they could make a big move.

This is bullshit. We went undefeated the ENTIRE MONTH OF OCTOBER.