Quick Hits: The Rising Prospects Edition

In Red Wings Land

NHL Prospects Tournament: 10 Red Wings to watch | MLive.com

More Prospects Tourney stuff. I have no idea why the 10 guys to watch is listed alphabetically but starting off with Kaden Fulcher is just kind of jarring to the whole thing (also I’d have included Elmer Soderblom over him, but that’s not important).

Niyo: Timing was everything for Red Wings’ Niklas Kronwall

I like Niyo’s writeup on Kronner’s career here. It’s still kind of setting in and while I’m happy he got to go out on his terms and feel the timing was right I’m still just kind of sad about how much this truly closes out the last era of Wings’ dominance.

Around the League

Sharks Add Gold Medalist Kendall Coyne Schofield to TV Broadcast Team | NHL.com

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the NHL’s general inability to reach new fans, but I do think the Sharks have consistently done a really good job in their market and with their fanbase. I really like Kendall Coyne Schofield too and I’m rooting for her to do a great job in the broadcasts this season.

Penguins’ Sidney Crosby had best-selling jersey in NHL last season | Montreal Gazette

Maybe next year, Ehn.

Best of Both Worlds

You do you, Kenny.