Quick Hits: The Script’s the Same Edition

In Red Wings Land

Cutter Gauthier: What it was like to meet Detroit Red Wings’ Steve Yzerman at NHL combine - Freep

I liked the stuff about how he was a bit starstruck by Yzerman and then it was real interesting to see him switch directly into his pre-planned job interview speech when Helene started asking him to scout himself.

Around the League

That’s a dirty dirty hit.  Kadri is done for the series (apparently something in his arm broke).  There’s not really a good place to cross-check a guy in the back, but that speed, angle and distance from the boards  says there should definitely be a  suspension.  The league’s history guarantees I’m not going to like whatever they decide.

While we’re on the topic, this was former NHL referee Tim Peel’s since-deleted reaction to the hit on Twitter:

What an asshole.  He’s allowed to be an asshole, but I’d prefer he never be used in any official capacity by the NHL or its broadcasting partners (who love to talk to old refs all of a sudden).