Quick Hits: The Size and Scope Edition

In Red Wings Land

I’m real happy with what Adam Erne is bringing and I’m not tryna rain on anyone’s parade around here, so yay Adam!

‘Size still matters’: Young, big-bodied players strengthening Wings’ lineup - Detroit News

“There’s different ways to separate yourself,” Blashill said. “One is through speed, one is through size and one is probably through competitiveness and hockey smarts.

I’d say if you don’t have that third one, then either of the other two isn’t going to matter a bit.  The story features Rasmussen, Smith and Erne as to what they do well.

Around the NHL

New arenas for Kraken, Islanders to embody NHL Green initiative - NHL.com

The Kraken and the arena are even establishing a sustainable strategy to sourcing food. House wines and beer will come from Washington and Oregon and 75 percent of the food will come from a 300-mile radius of Climate Pledge Arena, when seasonably appropriate.

There’s so much more to the story than this piece which I’m picking out just to make fun of, but the thought that only locally-sourced wine will be provided to the people who go to the hockey games to drink wine having a net positive footprint is maybe true while also leaving out that Seattle is closer to Canada than it is to Oregon.