Quick Hits: The Skimmer Edition

In Red Wings Land

You never know! Give it a shot.

Around the NHL

Hockey Diversity Alliance, NHL struggling to find common ground - TSN.ca
“The NHL can put ‘Black Lives Matter’ all over the rink, shout ‘Black Lives Matter’ from the mountains,” Kane said this week in a phone interview. “No matter what they do or say, it’s all going to fall on deaf ears with me and every other person in the HDA because the league has made no effort to support its own Black players.”

It’s easy to make statements, but it doesn’t matter if there isn’t action.

UPDATE: I meant to put this next part in last night, but forgot to:

Pictures say 1000 words. These four players standing together. Separately.

NHL pools resources to collect loose pucks in bubbles
The strangest sight inside Scotiabank Arena is not the seat covers, giant screens or LED lights. It's the man running through all of that, literally running, climbing over seats, avoiding obstacles, with a swimming pool skimmer.

He has been dubbed the "pool boy."

Adapt and overcome.