Quick Hits: The Socks and Sox Edition

In Red Wings Land

After a delayed homecoming, Detroit Red Wings’ Jordan Oesterle is finding his place - Freep

“In Chicago, I went through the same situation,” he said. “You just stay patient, be a good teammate and show up to the rink every day and work. That’s all you can do. But obviously, it was tough not playing when I wanted to help the team.”

I’ve liked Oesterle in DeKeyser’s absence.  He had a couple real brutal turnovers in the first period of the St. Louis game but seemed to settle down pretty well from there.

It’s Wings-related because it means we don’t have to play against him tonight.

This is Marchand’s sixth suspension and his second specifically for slew-footing.  I wonder what a first-time offender would have received for this.

Around the League

That’s Chris Chelios’ rookie year.

Lemieux gets to play figurehead for the rube Penguins fans who wouldn’t otherwise be able to swallow the Penguins being owned by the Red Sox.