Quick Hits: The Solved Unsolved Mysteries Edition

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings’ Jimmy Howard solves mystery of his recent slump - Detroit Free Press

Well now that’s behind us we can finally focus on our unprecedented run to the playoffs.

All kidding aside, I kind of like the answer and it matches what my eye test says, but there’s a difference between saying what needs to be fixed and doing that. Additional tidbits in from Larkin and Blashill, as well as an injury/illness update for tonight’s game.

Around the League

Spare Us Your Lectures on How to Feel about John Tavares - Lighthouse Hockey

This one is a few days old and from before the Leafs/Isles game, but it’s a great read on the fan perspective. If fan-policing isn’t bad enough, whatever you want to call the national guys playing both sides between counting on we the watchers to keep them employed and talking down to us for caring too much is even worse. Y’all feel how you want to feel but I’ll always appreciate how fan is short for fanatic.