Quick Hits: The Some Kind of Monster Edition

Why Detroit Red Wings risked losing Evgeny Svechnikov for nothing
“Unfortunately, Evgeny has had a number of injuries so he hasn’t been able to show a full kind of season of where he is at,” coach Jeff Blashill said Monday. “But we also have to make roster decisions and you’re restricted to your roster.

“Nothing is permanent. You have that risk, potentially, of losing guys, but let’s see where we’re at here at noon tomorrow.”

I didn’t really feel that the article fully answered the question posed by the headline.

21 people who will define the NHL's 2020-21 season
1. Ron Francis

A superspy will be lurking in the shadows throughout the 2021 campaign, secretly scouting and quietly rerunning his Seattle Expansion Draft Simulator to the brink of carpal tunnel syndrome. Much like George McPhee in 2017, Francis can’t wait to get his roster construction crackin’ (sorry).

Yes, his peers will be leery of getting fleeced by the general manager of Franchise 32, but in a flat-cap world, $81.5 million in breathing room opens up a world of possibilities. Every trade, extension and transaction the Original 30 sign off on will be made with Francis’s greedy palms in mind. They don’t want to be responsible for turning the 2021-22 Kraken into a monster.

I feel like all the obvious Kraken puns have been done to death by now. I look forward to the 100 or so that JJ will create between now and Seattle’s first NHL game.