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Quick Hits: The State of your Case Edition

In Red Wings Land

State Your Case: Seider or Raymond more important for Red Wings? – NHL

Benjamin: Those are all valid points and offense is and will continue to be important as the Red Wings attempt to climb the standings this season and in future seasons. But I am still going with Seider, for a couple of reasons. First, Edvinsson is promising, but you never know how well a prospect is going to turn out until they start playing under the pressure of the bright lights in the NHL. Seider has handled that, with aplomb. Second, it’s difficult to find young players with the kind of confidence that Seider has, the ability to lead a team, the ability to make an impact both on offense and defense. The Red Wings have given Seider a tremendous amount of responsibility since he began playing in the NHL and he’s been comfortable with that. The good news for the Red Wings is that they don’t need to choose. Right now, they have both players, though ultimately between the number of minutes he’ll play, the ways he’ll impact the game and the higher ceiling that I think belongs to Seider, I’m going defense over offense on this one.

I kinda like the “let’s be nice to both of these guys” format.

Around the League

He’s the next head of the NHLPA. If you’re reading this, that’s still the case.

Buffalo Sabres lock up young center Dylan Cozens for 7 years – ESPN

The Buffalo Sabres locked up another key member of their core on Tuesday, signing forward Dylan Cozens to a seven-year, $49.7 million extension.

Cozens was set to be a restricted free agent this summer.

Not a ton to glean here that doesn’t already fit the narratives we’ve been talking all along.

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