Quick Hits: The Still Pending Edition

In Red Wings Land

Will Red Wings be able to keep together their ‘dangerous’ No. 1 line? - The Detroit News

The Larkin line continued to learn this season about the responsibility and pressure of being a true No. 1 line. Their playing time reflected the trust and confidence Blashill had in them. On many nights, the Wings’ line held their own, or outplayed, the opponent’s top line.

If Jeff Blashill is still the coach, I think we all know the answer.

The Detroit Red Wings need to upgrade their defense. Here are options - Detroit Free Press

A number of these guys probably won’t even make free agency, but it’s fun to dream. Which would you prefer?

Around the NHL

NHL’s 24-Team Playoff Plan Would Make Mockery Of Regular Season - Forbes

But not only is there likely not time for anymore regular season games, putting 24 teams in the playoffs diminishes the regular season to the point of near irrelevance. Play five-and-a-half months of grueling, intense hockey to eliminate just seven of the 31 teams?

I think this whole article is whiny, but it’s fun to listen to people complain about something other than the draft at least.