QUICK HITS: the ‘stop being terrible’ edition

i’ve got no good news for you folks.

Hockey News

TSN: OHL expels Flint president Christensen

Long story short: This guy is racist

This story got buried yesterday. It’s not often you see such harsh punishment (if any) from the OHL. This guy has been around development camps for multiple NHL teams, including the Red Wings (according to his profile on the Firebirds website). He is accused of making an inappropriate racial comment about a player. Here is my suggestion to Terry Christensen and everyone else: don’t be a racist. It is bad. There is no argument.

NHL News

Ristolainen signs five-year, $25.5 million contract with Flyers

Is this just Andrew MacDonald all over again? Seems steep to me.

Red Wings News

Ned is getting roasted on social media

If it happens on ESPN+ does it really count?

Real talk though: Nedeljkovic has had a pretty rough stretch performance-wise.