Quick Hits: The Storytelling Edition

In Red Wings Land

The Daily: Slafkovsky Apologizes, Red Wings Luff Accepts; Grier Willing to Listen to Karlsson Trade Offers - DetHockeyNow

“I reached out to him,” Slafkovsky told reporters. “It sucks what happened with him and (the) injury. He texted back and said thanks for reaching out. I think that’s all I can do after that incident. I cannot change what happened.”

This is a couple days old, but I hadn’t seen it mentioned in the comments yet.  I’m glad the kid took the right step and seemed to have the right attitude about the situation.

Around the League

Dye by the Blade: Alex Tuch Tells His Story Through Tattoos - DbtB

Tuch’s tattoos are already helping to tell his life story, from memories in the Thousand Islands to his relationship with his great-grandmother. As he mentioned, he’s still got plenty of open space on his right arm - and then a whole other arm, if he chooses to utilize it! Who knows, maybe he’ll even include an homage to Rick Jeanneret or a Buffalo Bills-related tattoo someday.

This is a cool idea and the title is very good.

I hope the stretcher was just an abundance of caution for a back injury because that could be disastrous for Wedgewood.