Quick Hits: The Swedes & Sour Edition

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Lidas pays tribute to Söderblom’s effort last night (Translated) - Expressen

Elmer was good tonight. He created a lot on his own and showed how good he is at protecting the puck and using his size, says Nicklas Lidström to SportExpressen.

That’s the entirety of the quote from TPH about Hoss, but there’s more to the story than that quote.

Around the League

Flames’ Sutter focused on bigger things than getting revenge vs. Oilers - Sportsnet

“Because I know how to win, and it’s not about beating one team. Edmonton beat Calgary last year, but did it help them win Stanley Cup? You have to get through the best team in your conference at the end of the day. That’s how you win a championship.”

“To win championships, you need goaltending, top-four defencemen — and one has to be a stud. And then you’ve got to be great down the middle. The last thing that comes is winning,” he adds. “If you say we had a really good season last year, yeah, we did. We gained some respectability back in terms of how you have to play to be successful.

Sutter learned this lesson from watching the way the Sharks were built in the late aughts.