Quick Hits: The Today’s the Day Edition

In Red Wings Land

The big news in Wings land right now is the pending arbitration for Tyler Bertuzzi (unless a deal get signed between when I wrote this and when it posted).

The sides are more than a million apart right now but it’s not so drastic that any of the asks are ridiculous. The Wings have filed for $3.15M and an undisclosed term (either 1 or 2 years) while Bertuzzi has requested $4.25M.  Since Bert filed, the Wings get to pick the term and will likely have the right to walk away from an arbitrator award if they don’t like it.  This won’t happen.

I have no idea what time today the hearing starts. If we do get to the start of the hearing, then the two sides can’t just sign their way out of it and have to go through the process, which gives the arbitrator 48 hours to rule

So far nobody who has filed has gone through with this process. Hopefully Bert won’t be the first.

Around the NHL

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[on Duclair]

The first is a short-term contract with a young, rebuilding team where he can get a big role and boost his value. A team like Detroit or New Jersey comes to mind. He could get big minutes there, score, and end up on a contender by the trade deadline.

Let’s do it.