Quick Hits: The Toffeefolee Edition

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The first is fine.  That’s a bunch of throw-ins.  I didn’t know GMs in the real world considered deals where you just throw enough names at a team until they say yes.

Jack Eichel to make Vegas Golden Knights debut Wednesday - ESPN

In a corresponding move, Vegas placed captain Mark Stone on long-term injury reserve. The Golden Knights were over the $81.5 million salary cap, but Stone’s $9.5 million salary will not count against the cap while he is sidelined, helping clear the way for Eichel ($10 million cap hit) to debut.

The Golden Knights said that Stone had back issues dating to last year’s playoffs and he has seen “numerous” specialists across North America. Stone has been on and off the ice this season as he worked through the injury, including missing a month on injured reserve. Stone has played back-to-back games only once this season.

“It’s difficult to define exactly what the issue is; I think that’s been really frustrating for Mark,” McCrimmon said. “And yet that’s the type of thing we need to get to the bottom of, and that takes time.”

Should take until...ohhhh... right about the last day of the regular season for him to get healthy I’d guess.