Quick Hits: The Too Many Timeouts Edition

In Red Wings Land

Joining Red Wings an ‘unreal feeling’ for Jackson’s Carter Mazur; Detroit adds 2 centers- Detroit News

Like second-round pick Shai Buium, Mazur will be attending the University of Denver this fall, along with recent draft pick, defenseman Antti Tuomisto.

“I know Shai from coming in together as the freshman class, he’s actually been my roomate this summer,” Mazur said. “I got to know him well. It’s special that both of us were drafted by the same organization.”

Antti Tuomisto will be joining the pair at the University of Denver.

Around the League

Sabres taking calls for Eichel, won’t make trade unless value is there

“If we’re in a position where we feel that there’s value and we feel it’s going to help our franchise, than we’ll make certain decisions,” Adams said. “It’s the same for the way we look at all players, it’s just different conversations, but that’s how we’re viewing it.”

Buffalo did well enough in their other trades that not getting stupid value for Eichel over the draft isn’t that big of a deal but considering how done with each other both sides seems by this point, they’ll need to get something done.