Quick Hits: The Top Tier Moment Edition

In Red Wings Land

OK, so technically this is yesterday when this posts, but it’s still one of the greatest moments in sports for me, so I’m definitely including this.

Around the NHL

Six examples that explain how the Islanders find success - Sportsnet.ca
The New York Islanders have done something almost impossible in today’s NHL — play a committed style of hockey so well that almost nobody knows how to talk about them. It’s a lot easier to describe a bike with one pedal and a wonky wheel than it is one that just, y’know, works.

I’m including this because there’s been a lot of talk in the comments about how the Islanders are succeeding and what that can mean for a rebuilding team like ours.

It’s going to be insanely loud at the Coliseum for Game 3. Whatever else is helping NYI do well, that home crowd is surely part of it.