Quick Hits: The Troubal Edition

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Blackhawks’ Andreas Athanasiou angered by Jacob Trouba’s latest high hit: ‘Trying to hurt people’

“That guy is known for hitting high, not really worrying about the puck out there and almost trying to hurt people,” Athanasiou said. “That’s his game; that’s what he does. He’s an $8 million man with zero goals, so he has to figure out how to do something when making that much. If you can’t help the team, I guess you try to hurt guys on the other team.”

Here’s the hit if you haven’t seen it:

Honestly as far as Trouba hits goes, this one is one of his cleaner ones, but that’s kind of the problem with him.  The point in the article where the puck was past him and he had made no attempt to even consider the puck is one of those on-the-line considerations.

I don’t know what you’d punish Trouba for with this (the whole “left his feet” thing isn’t accurate, as he did it as a result of contact).  He did aim high, but he aimed high chest. He hit a guy who was still technically eligible to be hit under the way the rules have been called forever, but it’s no secret the guy’s a headhunter.

Oh well. If nothing else, that’s some grade-A trash talk by Athanasiou.