Quick Hits: The Tumbling up to the Gate Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings, FOX Sports Detroit announce broadcast schedule - NHL

FOX Sports Detroit (FSD) continues its award-winning production and carriage of Red Wings games by airing a total of 49 regular-season contests. The popular announce team of Ken Daniels and Mickey Redmond return to call the action, while FOX Sports Detroit’s comprehensive coverage also includes pregame and postgame editions of RED WINGS LIVE. In addition to live reports from the state-of-the art Little Caesars Arena, studio portions of RED WINGS LIVE will originate from FOX Sports Detroit’s studios at its Southfield headquarters.

A total of seven Red Wings regular-season games will be nationally exclusive broadcasts on NBC or NBCSN.

Ok, so the choices for (legally) watching the Red Wings involve getting FS-D, NBC, and NBCSN OR to subscribe to Center Ice/Gamecenter (Provided you don’t live within blackout(s)).

Just a quick reminder before we get the season going, we’re not allowed to be part of any behavior designed to skirt broadcast right rules, so please don’t share or ask for links.  I AM allowed to share that I personally think all the various stupid ways the league and broadcast partners make it harder for their fans to watch kind of invites illegal streams, but that doesn’t change anything about the no-sharing policy. Sorry.

Around the NHL

Six players and two staffers.  Oh boy.

The Wings are set to first play the Stars on the 26th.  No idea what happens from here.

Getting to Know the New Central (Twofer!)

Getting to Know the New Central: Chicago Blackhawks - Second City Hockey

1) How would you describe your team’s style of play?

It likely won’t be boring.

Getting to Know the New Central: Columbus Blue Jackets - The Cannon

Detroit (39-43-1-12, 0-4-0 playoffs). As Winging It In Motown pointed out, the Red Wings are still the only playoff opponent to not lose a game to the Jackets. That being said, the 2021 Wings are a far cry from the hegemon that dominated the Central in the aughts. Of course we’ll always have special place of hate for them due to proximity to the Ohio State/Michigan rivalry. And let’s never forget Vinny Prospal’s Point.

I had forgotten about Prospal showing up Abdelkader. Read the Getting to Know post, but also head into that older post and watch the video of Mick getting disgusted that the refs gave Prospal a penalty.

Getting to Know the New Central: Detroit Red Wings
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