Quick Hits: The Uncertain Schedule Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings’ Steve Yzerman talks earlier start, prospects who are close - MLive

Yzerman, appearing on “The Word on Woodward,” talked about the difficulty of assessing prospects and younger players without a normal off-season, which would have included development camp in late June and a prospects tournament in early September.

“The later start will affect every team, more so the teams that weren’t in the playoffs or played very few playoff games, and the fact we’ve been out since March, a little bit of unpredictability as to what to expect from our team,” Yzerman said. “There will be changes in our lineup. Are some of our younger players ready? Ultimately, we don’t really know because we won’t have a normal preseason, we won’t have had an opportunity to really assess them. Decisions will be made over a short period of time, so I think it makes it a little bit more difficult to know what to expect from our team starting off.”

Yzerman went over a lot of topics that you can find in his full interview on Word on Woodward, linked above and also conveniently right here.

Around the NHL

Daly: NHL targeting 82-games, no guarantees - TSN

“I think there are always ways to play,” Daly said. “I think what you choose to do in terms of playing is really the more complicated question. How do you put on a season? We remain certainly intent on trying to have an 82-game regular season. Whether that’s possible or not is yet to be seen.”

Daly isn’t nearly as good at non-answers as his boss.