Quick Hits: The Vladdy’s Cup Edition

In Red Wings Land

Remembering when Detroit Red Wings won back-to-back Stanley Cups
When the Stanley Cup was presented to the Wings after the 4-1 win in Game 4 in Washington, Konstantinov joined his teammates in a wheelchair. Captain Steve Yzerman placed the Cup in his lap for the first victory trip around the ice.

The next time I see video of this without crying will be the first time.

Players won't be expected to wear full face shields if NHL returns - Sportsnet.ca
Still, hockey equipment manufacturer Bauer has spoken with the league and teams about medical-grade off-ice visors that coaches, executives, team personnel and others could wear as a measure of protection against spreading or contracting COVID-19. Product vice-president Craig Desjardins said the visor, which can attach to the brim of a baseball cap, is “feather light” despite being three times thicker than a medical shield and meeting the American National Standards Institute regulation for preventing droplets.

I obviously don’t have enough information to know if it would make a difference if players wore face shields, but it does seem like something that would help. I would have more confidence in the NHL’s decision on this if their previous announced return to play protocols didn’t have so many holes in them.

The tech in the quoted paragraph does sound cool and helpful though.