Quick Hits: The Vulnerability Edition

In Red Wings Land

Detroit Red Wings know business as NHL trade deadline nears - Freep

Buck up, Mike Green. Vulnerability is the new strength. Also, on Gustav Lindstrom, Jeff Blashill at least knows words.

Though the exposure is brief, Lindstrom is earning positive reviews for playing a smart and steady game.

“Steady is a good word,” Blashill said. “I just think not enough D in this league are steady, but you win with steady. This almost dumbs it down, but we had the most efficient defenseman of all time here in Nick Lidstrom. I’m not trying to compare them by any stretch of the imagination, but my point is, efficiency matters with defensemen. Guys who can make a pass to forwards to get the offense going, guys who can create offense with their passing and shooting without taking a high bunch of risk, guys who can defend because they’re smart — those guys are paramount in this league. “To what level that he can do all those things, I don’t know yet. He’ll get a chance to prove it over time. He needs to get stronger, he probably needs to get a little quicker, all those things. But he has attributes that certainly I like in defensemen that I think are real important for a defenseman.”

Around the League

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