Quick Hits: The Wait and Don’t Get Hit By a Train Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings taking wait-and-see approach with Jonatan Berggren - MLive

“Does he have a chance to make the team next year? He does have a chance,” Yzerman said after the season. “Is he a lock to make it? I don’t think so.

“I’m not going to pencil Jonatan Berggren into the lineup, but I’m also not going to say he’s destined to play in GR. Let’s see how training camp goes. Let’s see how the preseason goes and we’ll make a determination at that point. But in the interim in the offseason, I will try to improve our team, and if I can acquire a player that I think is going to help us, I intend to do that.”

It’s not exactly a wait-and-see approach in my opinion.  You don’t tell the prospect he made the team before the summer starts.  It’s his spot to lose.

Around the League

Capitals’ Wilson undergoes knee surgery, to miss 6-8 months - Sportsnet

At least he’ll be getting paid to miss games for a change.

Jaromir Jagr details terrifying collision with tram: ‘I thought it was my end’ - Yahoo

“Dear fans, but everyone else. I would just like to tell you briefly what happened today when I was involved in the accident. It was my fault. On Plzeňská, I tried to cross from one direction to another. I checked the other side and drove into it at the right time,” Jagr wrote in Czech on Instagram on Monday, via Google Translate.

“But there was a lot of traffic and I didn’t have time to react to the tram, which was going at high speed in the same direction as me. I noticed her half a meter in front of me, at the last minute. I thought it was my end. I have always believed that force majeure has a hand over me, and today I have seen it again.

It’s always been hard to stop Jaromir Jagr when he’s decided he wants to drive.