Quick Hits: The Want to Show Up Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings’ collapse a ‘tough pill’ and painful lesson - MLive

“Some of our guys as they’re growing, they just got to grow and through these experiences we got to get better,” Blashill said. “If we don’t grow from it, then it’s all for naught. As hard as a pill it is to swallow, the biggest thing is we got to get better from it.”

Sure yeah that’s true.  Now prove it.

Around the League

Zdeno Chara won’t participate in hardest shot at All-Star skills competition - Sportsnet

“(The NHL) wanted him in the hardest shot, I think we all wanted to see Chara in the hardest shot again, maybe play an ambassadorial role at the All-Star skills,” said Marek. “The future Hall of Famer, though, politely declined.”

To be clear this is a failure of the league in not being able to find a way to get Chara to want to show up.