Quick Hits: The We Can be HEROS Edition

In Detroit Land

31 Thoughts: How Stanley Cup Playoffs could affect the blueliner market - Sportsnet.ca
29. Mentioned it on Saturday Headlines a couple of weeks ago, but wanted to include it here, too: St. Louis made Vince Dunn available, and several teams are taking a long look.

As always a lot here. I picked this because I think this Detroit should be one of those teams “taking a long look.” There are going to be opportunities to pick up a player from another team prior to the expansion draft that we would rather protect over the last player on our protection list.

This is one that fits in both categories. Well deserved for Lindblom.

Around the NHL

How HEROS is changing hockey culture one child at a time - Sportsnet.ca
As much as Hodgson is trying to teach the kids skills for both hockey and life, he finds he’s often the one learning. He remembers a recent conversation he witnessed between some of the kids he found particularly moving: “One of our players, he’s indigenous and he had a long braid and he used to always tuck it into his shoulder pads [to hide it]. He and I talked about it, but that’s what he was comfortable doing,” Hodgson says. “And then a couple of his teammates, who are also from different diverse backgrounds, asked him about his braid and he just started talking about the significance of the braid to his culture. The kids were interested, they were learning, and by the end of it, they said, ‘Well, you shouldn’t tuck it into your shoulder pads. You should be proud of it and wear it outside your equipment.’

“The kid never tucked his braid in his shoulder pads since then,” Hodgson continues. “We’ve seen too much evidence that kids can get it right. We have to create the environment to allow them to get it right.”

As a high school teacher, I am sometimes witness to kids being terrible to each other. Obviously a lot of other things happen that I don’t ever see.

But, I’m also often witness to seeing kids being great to each other and willing to learn from each other. So something like the passage is a reminder that when we try to do good things, sometimes we can make a positive difference.