Quick Hits: The What Does Practici Make Edition

In Red Wings Land

Ansar digs around the blogosphere to find out what other sites are talking about in relation to the jumble of prospects that will be available around Detroit’s 4th overall pick and then spends half his real estate reminding readers that Detroit won’t be getting Lafreniere.

Around the NHL

That’s a lotta hockey.

Scott Kingery talks about the hell that is coronavirus - NBC Sports Philly

“I know five or six people who had it and every single person was affected differently. Some had a sore throat, really bad. I never had a sore throat. Some were asymptomatic the whole way. I was not.”

Kingery is a 26-year old professional athlete. Seems he’ll be just fine, but the virus seems to have kicked his ass pretty hard (plus, we won’t know anything about long-term effects until you know... long term). Interesting perspective, if not totally hockey-related.