Quick Hits: The Willie O’Ree Edition

In Red Wings Land

NHL on NBCSN: What defines a successful season for Red Wings rebuild?
Theoretically, the Red Wings could see growth from players like Filip Zadina, ride the Dylan Larkin-fueled top line, and take advantage of hot goaltending to play better than expected.

There are advantages to being competitive. After all, rebuilding teams eventually need to start winning. Getting blown out all the time can break spirits, and create bad habits.

Nothing earth-shattering here, but not a bad article by national media.

Around the NHL

O'Ree celebrated on MLK Jr. Day | NHL.com
Willie O'Ree, who made his NHL debut on January 18, 1958, is celebrated on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, 63 years later

Glad to see Willie’s story being told each year now.

Best and worst of the NHL this week - How the Colorado Avalanche are handling being a top Stanley Cup favorite
Sutton introduced himself after the game. She was Blake Bolden, a former Boston College player who now works as a scout for the Los Angeles Kings. Sutton and Blake got to know each other, which piqued Sutton's mind once again: there was a huge deficiency in the market when it came to women's hockey. A hockey equipment company had never created and designed a signature stick for a female athlete, then branded it with her name. Sutton wanted Bolden to be the first.

Don’t be turned off by the headline. There is a lot of cool stuff in this article. I really found the section I took the excerpt from fascinating. It’s about the first signature hockey stick designed for a female player.