Quick Hits: The Won’t Get Fooled Again Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings’ Alex Nedeljkovic vows ‘It’s not going to happen again’ - Mlive

“My job is to stop the puck. Obviously, I didn’t do it enough this year,” Nedeljkovic said. “We were (second-to) last in the league in goals against. Obviously, that’s not good enough. It will be better. I’ll just tell you that right now. We’re not going to be in this position next year. If nothing were to change from how the season ended to next year, I’m not going to allow that to happen again. I hold myself to a certain standard and I didn’t meet that standard this year. Let’s just put it simply — it’s not going to happen again.”

That why he’s our King Clancy nominee. I like to picture that he said this right after slowly putting on sunglasses while Roger Daltrey let out a long scream.

Around the League

Coyotes’ deal with ASU officially complete; multi-purpose arena will be ready to host NHL games in October - PHNX

The deal allows the Coyotes to play the next three seasons at the arena, with an option for a fourth year if the building of their permanent home takes longer than hoped. The Coyotes are still awaiting word from the Tempe City Council on their proposed arena and entertainment district on the south bank of the Salt River. The council has asked the Coyotes to provide clarification on a number of undisclosed issues after viewing impact studies, projections and detailed information related to the project for the first time in executive session last month.

The good news about a tiny ill-fitting arena is that it won’t take forever to get started in.  Hooray!