Quick Hits: The Working for Now Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings pick Donovan Sebrango hopes to separate himself with grit, skating ability - The Detroit News

“I’m a little bit of an old-school defenseman with a little bit of the new school,” Sebrango said during a media Zoom call after the draft. “I’m a pretty tough, gritty kind of guy. But I add offense, so I have a little bit of the old-age hockey in me, and kind of the new-era of offensive defenseman.”

I’m getting a vibe like this pick is a potential do-over on the Ryan Sproul story. That’s probably not fair, but c’est la vie.

Around the NHL

How New NHL Proposal Would Effect Sidney Crosby, Players Paychecks - PGH Hockey Now

Sidney Crosby will survive on a few million, but how many players make less than $1 million and would see their incomes shrink to minor league levels?

Writing for a Pittsburgh site and looking to actually get eyes on, I don’t blame the writer for leading with Crosby, but you’re easily courting the headline-readers here who click into a story with “I don’t give a shit” already on their minds... that’s IF they decide to bother clicking through.

The breakdown on the player referenced in this short blurb is on Zac Aston-Reese, WHOSE contract is for $1M.