Quick Hits: The You Can Dance if You Want to Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings too often trying to make extra pass when they should be shooting - Detroit News

If a hockey team doesn’t shoot the puck, it obviously limits its chances of winning a game.

Because, well, the puck never reaches the net in the first place to even have a chance of getting past the opposing goaltender.

I want to pause and applaud Ted Kulfan for simultaneously doing the great thing of not dragging out that old cliche “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” while also taking three times as long to arrive at making the same point.

The point is based on some postgame comments by Blashill that were said after the Tampa loss, but they fit just as well today as yesterday.

Around the League

Canucks’ Thatcher Demko recalls being roasted by Patrick Roy: ‘What the f– is wrong with you?’ - Yahoo

“When I was in college, it’s something I did to keep myself in a good frame of mind during the game,” Demko said. “I used to be pretty hard on myself. In between whistles, they played tunes and dancing kept it light for me.”

While some may understand his reasoning, Roy apparently didn’t. In fact, he made it clear he had zero time for it, and didn’t seem overly interested in his team selecting Demko because of it.

“He laid into me for this ‘Dancing Demko’ thing,” Demko explained. “I grew up idolizing this guy. I can’t wait to see what this guy is like. And the first thing that comes out of his mouth was: ‘What the f— is wrong with you?’ I was like, ah, this is not going how I hoped it would go. I’m just a young, scared kid.

Breaking news, Patrick Roy is a miserable asshole.