Quick Hits: The You-Haven’t-Heard-The-Last-of-Me Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings' Luke Glendening back, not the last of Joe Hicketts | MLive.com
Blashill puts lipstick on the pig that was sending Joe Hicketts back down thusly:

"Joe played very well, and I like Joe Hicketts a lot," Blashill said. "I think he's a real good, young player. When we activated Glenny, we basically needed the salary cap space of two players.

"I did not want to go 11 (forwards) and seven (defensemen) on the back end of a back-to-back. It has not been the best recipe for success. We need 12 forwards and the guys that were available to send down - Turg and Hicks - became the two guys. I thought (Hicketts) gave us what we needed last night. I don't think this is the last we've seen of Joe Hicketts."

Around the League

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This is going to be bad and I'm going to love it.  I mean there's no way it'll be good, right?


Link to last night’s highlights from NHL.com (for Greg)