Quick Hits: The Youth-Be-Served Edition

In Red Wings Land

Red Wings making plans for former top picks Evgeny Svechnikov, Michael Rasmussen | MLive.com
We have been told since Monday that the Tatar move should make room for Svechnikov but haven't gotten anything that resembles a hint of what kind of a look the guy is actually going to get in the final 19 Red Wings games this season. Should we expect that callup soon or nah?

As for Rasmussen, I'm not real sold there that the Tatar move has anything to do with him. I haven't seen anything indicating the Wings were ever planning on converting that kid to the wing anyway, so moving out Tatar has little to do with a spot he'll have to earn unless you want to view it as the end of any possibility AA is developed as a center (which I don't want anyway).

Around the League

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